Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends, 

Glory to God in the highest and peace to men of goodwill! What greater news of joy than to know that God took on our human nature and dwells among us? For Montessorians, it is an occasion for profound reflection. We work with young children and know that our time with them is limited but the effects can be far-reaching in their little lives. God, Who was once a little child also, loves these children. Maria Montessori constantly reminds us of the respect we must have for the child and the realization that God was willing to be a little child; she believed that if the world is to be a place of peace, we must put the child and his needs at the center of our concern. Mother Teresa echos these thoughts in our modern times. While we know through faith that we can only achieve perfect happiness in union with God in heaven, it is a profound realization that it is often the child who calls us back to God. In fact, we ‘…must become as little children if we are to enter the Kingdom of heaven.’  

It is also a time of thanksgiving for me! Thank you to all those who have supported me on this journey. There are six more months left to the course and I know that means many more late nights and early mornings typing, printing, practice sessions, material making; there are two more observation weeks here in Europe and finals in June. There is so much to look forward to in the coming months!

During this break I enjoy the welcome and hospitality of old friends here in Ireland. This is also connected to my Montessori journey: I lived here in Dublin with a wonderful and generous family while I completed the first level of  Montessori  training in 2007. We stayed in touch and they welcome for Christmas during the second level course! 

And so with good cheer I raise a glass to toast the generosity of those who have made this journey possible! Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you! 



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