We’ve come back to Geometry! It’s been a few long months since we started this subject and now we’re playing catching up….

Plane Geometry is fascinating at any stage, but in Montessori it seems pure fun. Below are pictures from my practice time. The key to these lessons is a material called “Geometry Sticks.” There are ten sets of each color and each a different length. Each stick has a hole in either end which allows for exploration. One end can be pinned down while the other end can be joined with another stick. This allows us to talk about lines in a “hands on way”: rays, line segments, point,common points of origin, etc. It also allows for making circle easily and, more importantly, for making angles! Of course, it’s a primitive study in this stage. But its an amazing start to plane geometry with little ones.

Both angles seen at the same time: concave and reflex angles.



In this instance, I was practicing angles: acute angle and obtuse angles seen here, along with vertically opposite angles.


Classified Nomenclature cards. An important step and follow-up to experiences and names of new things. There are nomenclature cards for just about everything in the Elementary classroom!
As a point of interest, these particular cards are ancient…

Forming complementary angles….
Then we see that they share an adjacent side. We remove it and set it to the side.

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